Reliability and performance

Our Company

New aftermarket Undercarriage Parts, Attachments, and Components as well as other heavy equipment parts.

The great strength of MTR® is to provide its customers with a product that represents the very best value for money. All MTR® products offer excellence and competitiveness. The company does everything to cater for the customer’s needs, designing and implementing solutions in the most advantageous contexts, always with ongoing process control.

MTR® ambition is to be represented everywhere heavy equipment parts is needed. If quality products and cost per production ton are important factors for the end user, as well as knowledgeable and service minded contact persons, then MTR® is the right partner. For this reason MTR® has a dedicated sales and technical team training and giving support to the local distribution network. This way there is always a local heavy equipment parts specialist available for the end users.


At MTR® we know the importance of supplying high quality products to our customers. We have built a reputation in the industry for providing the best overall value.

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