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  • Undercarriage Specialist.

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    Undercarriage represents a significant investment for any tracked machine, that's why our range of products offers an efficient, reliable and economical alternative solution to any operation. Whether in open pit mining, quarrying or earthmoving of large land reclamation, we can offer you the right answer to your undercarriage needs. Our Undercarriage solutions cater for a wide range of market segments including: Mining, Construction, Quarry, Utility, Agriculture, Land Fill, Demolition, Fixed Plant and Government.

    For more information on Undercarriage options and services, please contact your nearest Customer Support Representative.

  • Ground Engaging Tools & Attachments.

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    Ground Engaging Tools (GET) represents one of the highest ongoing expenditures on earthmoving equipment. The performance and productivity of loading and excavating machines are all directly affected by the bucket and its components. MTR® offers GET solutions to suit an array of applications. From the smallest utility machines to the world’s large production machines, we have a solution to suit your application and budget...